General Failure when Clicking Links in Outlook Emails

Using Microsoft Outlook to manage my email accounts (I just might move back to using Mozilla Thunderbird one of these days), I have finally gotten annoyed enough to do something about the error message I continued to get every time I clicked on a link in an email. I am using Firefox 5.0 as a default browser, though this has been happening for at least Firefox 3.0 for me. I never did anything about it because Firefox always opened the Web page. Still, I decided it was too much of a chore to click the “x” to close the error box stating:

General Failure. The URL was: “http://whatever_page_link_I clicked_on.notcom/…”. The system cannot find the file specified.

Yes, today is a hot day. So that explains why I thought it was just too much effort to continue closing that annoying error alert box. Of course, it’s a lot of work to mess around in the registry, too. Hmmm… a dilemma to be sure. So, time to grab a cold drink and do a bit of research.

Some people said they had success by simply reinstalling Firefox. Okay, uninstall Firefox… check. Launch Internet Explorer… check. Visit the Mozilla Firefox site…check. Click on the button to download and install Firefox 5…. check. Close everything down after install. Open Outlook, click on a Web page link in an email… check. General Failure message appears again…check. Not quite what I am looking for.

I might have to get a beverage refill.

Another site indicates all I have to do is go into the Default Programs area and give Firefox default permissions. That won’t work either because Firefox already has the default permissions to open files that it can.

I am thinking my next beverage refill just might include a bit of Jim Beam…

Well, I’ll try this little registry edit (I will save the existing registry entry in a notepad file just in case this does not work) found in a PC World article. Close everything down again, open Outlook, click a Web page link in an email, wait for stupid General Failure dialog box to pop up again, click to close it…

Wait, it did not pop up this time. I’ll try that again. Nope, it’s fixed. Guess the Beam isn’t going to be necessary after all.

This little glitch is one of those goofy things that happens when using a mixture of Microsoft products and non-MS products. And, from what I hear, you might as well remember this little fix because, unless Mozilla is able to fix it for a future release, you will have to do this little fix again when certain upgrades are done to Firefox.

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