PC Matic; Really cool or not so hot?

First, and foremost, let me tell you that I have not installed PC PitStop’s PC Matic software or used their “free” online scanner. And, there are reasons for that which I will get to shortly. Still, I assume you are reading this because you have seen the television commercials and are wondering if this is a scam or a really good, legitimate service and product. I will point out a few things and then you can decide.

Note: PC Pitstop, LLC, was considerate enough to address this post directly to me via email on 10-04-2011. Their response included a couple links to basic reviews that, thankfully, did not seem like nothing more than an advertisement for PC Matic. I am including those links here and will post my own test results at some time in the future.



One of the first things you should note about this little blog post is that I am not promoting the product with an ad intentionally placed on this page (though there is the possibility that Google Adsense might put one in the ad banners I have here). And, that is one of the problems with trying to go online and find out anything real about PC Matic. Everywhere I look I find page upon page of so-called reviews. However, each one ends up being little more than an advertisement or means to promote the product so someone can make a few bucks if you decide to buy the full version. Where are the real reviews? Where are real test results? I have had little success finding any information like that which is truly informative.

My main concern is that the advertised free product will scan your computer and, supposedly, just report what it finds. If it does find anything wrong, you will have to pay for the premium version to actually do anything about it. Unfortunately, thinking back to the previous paragraph… I have no way, as of yet, to know if this product actually does what it says it will and, unlike a few bad scamware products that have also been previously advertised on TV, not install malware that was never on it to begin with.

Sometime soon, I will purchase a brand new computer with no operating system on it and install a fresh copy of Windows on it. Before throwing a bunch of other garbage on it, I will run PC Matic and see what it tells me. Obviously, on a brand new system with a fresh OS install, it should not find anything. If it does, I will have to say there is something a bit stinky going on.

Regardless of the results, good or bad, you can expect to see me post my results here. And, either way, I will do this without putting a bunch of ads here for it!

So, yes, I am a bit pessimistic this is a product that does everything it says it does. I suppose there is the possibility PC PitStop’s lawyers could start knocking on my door or calling because I am not one of the converted. Until I actually run the tests or see some real tests done by those I expect I can trust, my attitude won’t change. Seeing hundreds of glowing “reviews” by affiliate marketers just does not cut it for me, I guess.

The final verdict? Use and buy PC Matic at your own risk until you see some real reviews and testing that indicates whether this product actually lives up to the commercial’s and affiliate’s claims. If anyone knows of an actual, real set of reviews and tests somewhere, please post here or let me know.

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