Protecting your personal data and reputation

Helen A.S. Popkin over at MSNBC’s Technolog has a funny and informative article, How to stop pervs from stealing your naked pics. I am not going to get into whether you should or shouldn’t get naked or photograph the event. You can read her article for some thoughts about what can happen if you decide to bare it and share it.

But, pay attention to what she says to do to help prevent others from gaining access in the first place. I have been telling people many of the same things for years now about their data on their computers. Yet, today, many people carry a smart phone around with them that has many similar capabilities to your laptop or desktop computer. So, if you cannot prevent physical access to your computers and devices, at least lock them down with a decent password.

This advice is not just limited to preventing others from seeing you naked, drunk, and in a moment of stupidity that might come back to haunt you in the middle of your political career (or whatever). Consider using both Helen’s and my suggestions as a way to protect any sensitive data you would rather not let others snoop around in.

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