Shiverin’ in the North Woods

Okay, Global Warming or not, the windows at VNI are still frosty. Yes, it’s that time of year in northern Minnesota; Below zero degree temps every morning and, if I am lucky, I just might get to see something over 20 degrees before the sun starts to set each day.

What keeps me warm is, aside from a big, steamy cup of coffee (just need to break through the ice forming on top once in awhile), is knowing you are here reading this. Come back every so often for some new insights on technology, computers, and Web features I am offering.

Other than that, Virtual Nexus Inc. is focused on building new features and meeting with clients. If you need some help with a Web design project, drop by the Virtual Nexus site by clicking the link in the menu bar above to find out more about the company. Or, you can contact me right away at

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